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is YOUR technology provider in Munich. Our core competence is the processing of large amounts of data, in particular the aggregation and use of data to optimise marketing and communication activities and increase sales in online shops. All data is processed and stored using cloud technology in Germany in accordance with German law and the applicable data protection regulations.
Make Big Data Smart - fast & thoroughly
We are your partner for the individual automation of your data processing and the digitalisation of your data!
Big Data
comagno collects data via every available interface and automatically analyses commonalities to enable data standardisation. Intelligent aggregation processes make the collected data usable in any level of detail and application area.
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Our software identifies correlations, even if they were previously unknown. The system learns with every new data set, becoming more intelligent and more accurate in its visualisation.
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Flexible customised software
We offer you SaaS - Software as a Service - and take care of investment security and compatibility according to your needs. We work with you to create a strategy for the use and further development of your customised big data suite.
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Affiliate Sales Validation
The success factor for your affiliate marketing: The workflows of our automatic order matching system are geared towards practice and are optimised for efficiency and the fast processing of large transaction volumes. Our system continuously carries out plausibility checks and fraud checks to identify anomalies. Interfaces to the 25 most important affiliate networks already exist; if you use other networks, the relevant interfaces will be integrated as part of the setup. In combination with your warehouse and logistics data, your order synchronisation can thus be 100% automated.
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Reporting & Dashboard
The solution for creating a customised dashboard tailored to your needs for automated email reporting and data analysis. Our system collects and aggregates data from various sources and transforms it into intelligent and reliable insights. In this way, comagno supports your company in reacting quickly to new market trends, gaining a competitive edge and improving operational efficiency.
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Feed Management
With feed management, comagno ensures that your large volumes of product and/or transaction data are transformed and enriched and made available to a service provider, co-operation partner or end customer. Whether product feed output for feed aggregators such as Google Shopping, SAP interfaces for the further processing of transaction data or the master data optimisation of large product ranges: We work with you to optimise the input and output processes and design workflows that are simple and easy to manage while effectively organising your data volumes.
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SEA Automation
In the dynamic world of online advertising, efficiency is the key to success. Our innovative tool, SEA Automation, is specifically designed to take your search engine advertising campaigns to the next level. Through the intelligent use of customer data, SEA Automation generates customised campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad texts that are perfectly tailored to your target group.

With SEA Automation, you can rely on strategic automation that not only saves time, but also optimises your campaign performance through data-driven decisions. Define rules that allow you to precisely control your campaigns - from adjusting ad groups and keywords to pausing or cancelling ad copy based on performance data. Our tool ensures that your advertising message is always relevant, effective and up to date.

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Software & Product Development
Comagno develops software and digital products according to your individual needs and requirements. Your software is therefore optimally adapted to your existing system and that of your customers, and any necessary changes can be made at any time. The user rights to your customised digital product remain solely with your company.
Database design and data preparation
The buzzword "big data" is playing an increasingly important role in all companies. An intelligent database design and the necessary infrastructure are essential in order to be able to process the large amount of data involved with high performance. Database architecture, data aggregation and ETL processes are central components of our modular software solution and are among comagno's core competences.
Web Development
As a technical partner, comagno has many years of experience in the realisation and support of web projects. In addition to the classic support of existing websites and shops, this also includes the development of intranet portals. All content is optimised either in the form of a responsive web design or as a cross-platform web app, including for mobile devices.
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In today's data-driven world, it is crucial to have access to accurate, well-organised and easy-to-understand information in order to make informed decisions. This is where comagno comes into play - your ultimate solution for the complex world of data integration and analysis.

Comprehensive data collection: comagno utilises any available interface to collect data efficiently. Our advanced technology guarantees that no valuable data element goes unnoticed. No matter the source, we ensure that all relevant information is captured.This is where comagno comes into play - your ultimate solution for the complex world of data integration and analysis.

Automated data analysis: Using sophisticated algorithms, comagno automatically analyses the collected data to identify commonalities. This capability allows us to standardise the data, ensuring consistent and accurate data interpretation across different platforms and systems.

Intelligent data aggregation: Our innovative aggregation methods transform the collected data into usable insights. These processes allow data to be visualised in any level of detail, so that you receive exactly the information you need for your specific areas of application.

Flexibility and applicability: comagno is designed to fulfil your data needs across a wide range of applications. Whether you need detailed analyses for specific projects or are looking for an overview of general trends, our solutions are flexible enough to meet your requirements.

In short, comagno is at the forefront of data collection and analysis. We offer a seamless, efficient and effective method of extracting valuable information from the flood of data to drive your business forward. Rely on comagno to use data to your advantage. Let's unleash the power of data together and take your business success to the next level.
In an era where data is the new gold, we bring you the Cluster Engine: a ground-breaking software solution that will revolutionise the way you interact with data. Our advanced technology is specifically designed to uncover deep connections in your data - even those that were previously unknown. Here are the key features that make the Cluster Engine an indispensable tool for your organisation:

Discovering hidden connections: The cluster engine uses sophisticated algorithms to identify complex patterns and relationships in your data. This capability allows you to gain insights that go far beyond traditional data analysis methods. Discover hidden relationships that open up new business opportunities and strategic advantages.

Self-learning system: A key advantage of our software is its ability to learn continuously. With each new data set it processes, the cluster engine expands its knowledge, becomes more intelligent and refines its analysis capabilities. This continuous improvement leads to ever more precise and meaningful visualisations of your data.

Precise visualisations: In data science, clear visualisations are crucial for making complex information understandable. The Cluster Engine stands out for its ability to not only analyse data, but also visualise it in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way. This makes it easier to interpret complex data and supports you in your decision-making.

Adaptive and scalable: No matter how large your data set is or how specific your analysis requirements are, the cluster engine is flexible enough to fulfil your needs. It adapts seamlessly to different data volumes and types and offers scalable solutions that grow with your organisation.

The Cluster Engine is at the forefront of technological innovation, providing you with the tools you need to discover and utilise hidden patterns in your data. With its self-learning nature and ability to deliver precise visualisations, it's more than just software - it's a dynamic partner in your data analysis strategy. Immerse yourself in the world of advanced data analytics with the Cluster Engine and transform data into actionable insights that drive your business forward.
In the dynamic world of digitalisation, it is essential that companies can rely on software solutions that are not only powerful and reliable, but also flexible enough to adapt to changing needs. We are setting new standards here with our customised SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which is specifically designed to meet your requirements and protect your investments in the long term. Discover how our solution can transform your business:

Investment security: We understand that any investment in technology comes with the need for long-term security and value. Our SaaS solution is designed to grow and evolve with your needs not only today, but also in the future, by continuously updating and improving to meet the latest technological standards.

Customised compatibility: In a world where the compatibility of systems often determines the success or failure of a digital strategy, we guarantee that our software solution works seamlessly with your existing IT landscape. Through customisation, we ensure that our solution is perfectly tailored to your specific needs without compromising on performance.

Strategic partnership: We see ourselves not just as a provider, but as a strategic partner on your digital transformation journey. Together with you, we develop a customised strategy for the use and continuous development of your individual Big Data Suite. Our aim is to ensure that your software solution not only fulfils current requirements, but also those of the future.

Customised big data suite: Our SaaS solution offers you the opportunity to generate real added value from the wealth of your data. With a Big Data Suite tailored to your needs, you can efficiently process, analyse and harness complex data volumes. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and strengthen your competitiveness.

In short, our flexible and customised software solution offers you the security, compatibility and strategic support you need to succeed in today's fast-moving digital landscape. With our expertise at your side, you can rest assured that your digital transformation is built on a solid foundation. Let's shape the future together and realise your vision with our customised SaaS solution.
An "Affiliate Sales Validation" tool is a system designed to validate sales or transactions generated through affiliate marketing channels. Affiliate marketing is a method in which companies use partners (affiliates) to promote and sell their products or services in exchange for a commission. The tool plays a crucial role in the affiliate marketing process as it helps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of sales data. Here are some key pieces of information that such a tool typically contains:

Verification of transactions: It checks whether a transaction has actually taken place and is legitimate. This includes checking whether the purchase was made within the specified time frame and whether it complies with the specified conditions of the affiliate programme.

Assignment of sales to affiliates: The tool ensures that each sale is correctly assigned to the responsible affiliate. This is important for the calculation of commissions.

Fraud prevention: It recognises and prevents fraudulent activities, such as fake sales or the manipulation of sales data to generate higher commissions.

Data analysis and reporting: It collects and analyses data on sales and transactions. This information helps to evaluate the performance of affiliate programmes and can be used to optimise future marketing strategies.

Integration with affiliate networks: The tool can be designed to integrate with various affiliate networks and platforms to enable seamless data exchange.

Support for multiple payment schemes: It supports various payment methods and schemes to enable flexible processing of commissions to affiliates.

An "Affiliate Sales Validation" tool is therefore an indispensable part of affiliate marketing, as it helps to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by ensuring accurate and fair payments to affiliates while minimising fraud.
Das Tool "Reporting & Dashboard", wie es im Kontext von comagno beschrieben wird, ist eine fortschrittliche Lösung, die speziell darauf ausgelegt ist, Unternehmen bei der Verarbeitung und Analyse von Daten zu unterstützen. Es ermöglicht die Erstellung maßgeschneiderter Dashboards, die genau auf die spezifischen Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen eines Unternehmens zugeschnitten sind. Hier sind die Kernfunktionen und Vorteile dieses Tools zusammengefasst:

Individuell gestaltete Dashboards: Nutzer können Dashboards definieren, die auf ihre individuellen Anforderungen zugeschnitten sind. Dies bedeutet, dass sie genau die Metriken und KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) visualisieren können, die für ihre Geschäftsentscheidungen am wichtigsten sind.

Automatisierter Reportingversand per E-Mail: Das Tool bietet die Möglichkeit, Berichte automatisch zu generieren und sie regelmäßig per E-Mail an Stakeholder zu senden. Dies sorgt für einen stetigen Informationsfluss und stellt sicher, dass alle Beteiligten auf dem neuesten Stand bleiben.

Datenaggregation aus unterschiedlichen Quellen: comagno's Lösung kann Daten aus einer Vielzahl von Quellen sammeln und zusammenführen. Dies beinhaltet interne Systeme, externe Datenfeeds und Cloud-basierte Plattformen, wodurch eine umfassende Datenlandschaft geschaffen wird.

Transformation zu intelligenten Erkenntnissen: Durch die Anwendung fortschrittlicher Analytik transformiert das Tool rohe Daten in intelligente und zuverlässige Einsichten. Dies ermöglicht es Unternehmen, tiefergehende Analysen ihrer Geschäftsoperationen, Markttrends und Kundenverhalten durchzuführen.

Schnelle Reaktion auf Markttrends: Mit den gewonnenen Erkenntnissen können Unternehmen schneller auf Veränderungen im Markt reagieren. Dies unterstützt sie dabei, proaktiv zu handeln, anstatt nur auf Entwicklungen zu reagieren.

Wettbewerbsvorteile erlangen: Durch die Nutzung datengesteuerter Einsichten können Unternehmen Strategien entwickeln, die ihnen einen Vorteil gegenüber ihren Wettbewerbern verschaffen.

Betriebliche Effizienz verbessern: Die Optimierung von Geschäftsprozessen basierend auf zuverlässigen Datenanalysen kann zu erheblichen Verbesserungen in der betrieblichen Effizienz führen.

Das "Reporting & Dashboard"-Tool von comagno ist somit eine umfassende Lösung, die nicht nur die Datenvisualisierung und das Berichtswesen vereinfacht, sondern auch einen tiefgreifenden Einblick in die Geschäftsleistung bietet. Durch die Bereitstellung von maßgeschneiderten Dashboards und die Automatisierung des Reportingprozesses unterstützt es Unternehmen dabei, fundierte Entscheidungen zu treffen und ihre Marktposition zu stärken.

Revolutionise your search engine advertising with SEA Automation

In the dynamic world of online advertising, efficiency is the key to success. Our innovative tool, SEA Automation, is specifically designed to take your search engine advertising campaigns to the next level. Through the intelligent use of customer data, SEA Automation generates customised campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad texts that are perfectly tailored to your target group.

With SEA Automation, you can rely on strategic automation that not only saves time, but also optimises your campaign performance through data-driven decisions. Define rules that allow you to precisely control your campaigns - from adjusting ad groups and keywords to pausing or cancelling ad copy based on performance data. Our tool ensures that your advertising message is always relevant, effective and up to date.

SEA Automation stands for:

Customised automation: Adapt your campaigns automatically to the constantly changing needs of your target group and the market.

Data-driven decisions: Harness the power of your customer data to create campaigns that not only stand out, but also convert.

Increase performance: Optimise your SEA efficiency through automated adjustments based on real performance data.

Save time: Automate repetitive tasks and focus on strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

Take your search engine advertising to a new level of personalisation and efficiency with SEA Automation. Increase your visibility, improve your conversion rates and maximise your ROI with a tool designed for the modern advertiser.
The "Feed Management" tool from comagno is specifically designed to help companies manage and optimise their product information. This tool enables large amounts of master data (basic product information) and transaction data (information about sales transactions) to be transformed, enriched and made available for various purposes. Here are the main features and benefits of this tool:

Transformation and enrichment of data: comagno's tool takes large amounts of data and transforms it so that it is optimised for further use. The data is not only transformed, but also enriched with additional information to increase its value.

Support for various output formats: The tool offers flexibility in terms of the output formats it supports.This includes the creation of product feeds for aggregators such as Google Shopping, the provision of data via SAP interfaces for further processing of transaction data and the optimisation of master data for large product ranges.

Optimisation of input and output processes: comagno works together with customers to optimise the processes for data input and output.The aim is to create workflows that are not only simple and easy to manage, but also organise the existing data volumes effectively.

Customisation for different recipients: The tool ensures that the prepared data precisely meets the requirements of the recipient, be it a service provider, a cooperation partner or the end customer.This ensures that the data is provided in the optimum form for the respective purpose.

Simple and comprehensible management workflows: By designing user-friendly workflows, the tool enables users without any technical knowledge to manage and optimise complex data records.

Efficient organisation of data volumes: The main strength of the tool lies in its ability not only to manage large volumes of data, but also to organise them in such a way that they provide the greatest possible benefit.

comagno's "Feed Management" is therefore a comprehensive solution for companies that want to efficiently manage and optimise their product information. With its adaptability to different output formats and the ability to transform and enrich data, it helps companies to present their products more effectively and ultimately strengthen their market presence.

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